SanLeit in London

Der Q2-LK 1 Englisch auf Studienfahrt nach London

"Oh, come on! Gimme a break!"

Going on a course trip is always considered one of the highlights of a student’s school career.

For an English Advanced Course it is, of course, obligatory to visit a spot where they can eventually use the language they have studied for years and get acquainted with the culture of the people who speak it. One of the best choices, obviously, is London, GB – a melting pot of interesting, yet strange people and places.

We have followed this call on our trip this week and would like to keep you updated what is happening to us on the road:



11:15: Right on time, our plane arrives at Heathrow airport. Everyone’s excited and ready to hit the city.

14:00: Check-in at the hostel. There’s nothing to keep us away from a great day in London now. We take the ride to Westminster and have a first look at the most famous attractions. The weather could not be any better.

20:00: We’re walking the city. Here and there we take a break to watch the beautiful city lights and dive into the rich history of London. 



10:00: Field trip to Greenwich. We discover the world’s end, dancing on the zero meridian. After visiting the famous observatory, we try to find out who can roll down the hill in the quickest and most effective way.

16:00: The Tate Modern Gallery is the next stop on our cultural trip. Watching the modern interpretations of art is an inspiration, not only to the arts students.

20:00: Dinner at the best burger place in town with a subsequent walk through Central London. The day ends in a nice round of chatting and cherishing the pleasures life offers us.



11:30: Right now, we’re sitting on the stairs of Victoria Plaza, waiting for the Guards to change. We have a VIP view, the weather is again simply beautiful. What a life…



9:30: Shakespeare’s world is still fascinating. Even better if you can experience it first hand: At the Globe Theatre we take a tour with Michael, an actor who impersonates his role as a tour guide as if it were the role of his life.

14:00: A picknick in Hyde Park: Like a bunch of old friends we gather in the park, talk, daydream, and finally pick an aerobie out of a tree. A great way to enjoy city life.

19:30: “Can you feel the love tonight?” All dressed up, we head for the West End to watch “The Lion King" and get thrilled by the music and high-class performance.

24:00: Right next to London Eye, we celebrate the 18th birthday of Alex. Tired but happy.



10:00: Our scientist, Mr. Sander, takes us on a thrilling trip through the Science Museum. Afterwards we head for Camden Market, our last station before we go back to Heathrow and return home.


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